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Offering more automation and features to reduce production costs, the SLP2 is the next stage in increasing profits from small- to medium-sized logs up to 400mm in diameter. 

 The line can be configured in different ways depending on product requirements and budget. As few as two or three workers can successfully manage the whole line due to its level of automation. A centralised control console positioned at the front of the line gives the main operator a full view of the work, and puts all machine controls within easy reach. 

The SLP2 line:
 • Costs less than similar lines.
 • Requires low installation costs and requirements.
 • Produces less waste and more product.
 • Lowers power consumption.
 • Is inexpensive to maintain. 

The SLP2 is the ultimate solution for decreasing costs and increasing profits by automating your timber processing.

SLP2 video

SLP2 Customer Videos


TVS-SC2.4L 2 x 11 kW electric
2 x 7 kW electric
SHS 11 kW electric
15 kW electric
18.5 kW electric
HR700 11 kW electric
15 kW electric
18.5 kW electric
Power supply 400 V / 50 Hz, 3Ph
Cutting Capacity
Min. Log diameter 150 mm
Max. Log diameter 400 mm
Min. Log length 1.2 - 2.4 m
Max. Log length 2.4 - 3.6 m
Min. Cut width 70 mm
Max. Cut width 250 mm
Sawmill Features & Options
Standard equipment TVS - Twin Vertical Saw
SVS - Single Vertical Saw
SHS - Single Head Saw
HR500 or HR700 - MultiHead Resaw
Optional support equipment Loading: Log ramp,
Log deck,
Log incline deck
Conveyors: Transfer deck,
Roller tables
Automated Log Turner
Blade (length & width)
TVS-SC2.4L 4.67 m x 32-38 mm
SHS 4.67 m x 32-38 mm
HR500 4.01 m x 32-38 mm
HR700 4.67 m x 32-38 mm
Sawmill Dimensions & Requirements
Length 28 m
Width 8 m
Height 2.15 m

SLP2 Layouts



The TVS (Twin Vertical Saw) uses thin-kerf blades to efficiently remove the two vertical sides of logs up to 400mm in diameter. The TVS is cost-effective, versatile, designed for high performance, and built strong for years of reliable service. The TVS works equally well as a stand-alone unit or integrated with an existing sawmill line.


TVS Spiky Chain For Round Logs

The spiky chain feed system with heavy, spiked top-rollers adds greater stability to the log as it goes through the TVS. Logs can be loaded onto the feed chain with little or no gap between them. This option is ideal for increasing productivity with straight and curved logs.


For squaring up timber which already has two flat cut surfaces, a flat feed chain is available with heavy, spiked top-rollers. This is commonly used when two TVS units are used in line together. Another popular use for the TVS is for the slab recovery line. Large slabs can be put through the TVS and then fed down to a resaw or multi head resaw.


This quality, single-head resaw was designed to run all day for years with minimal maintenance. The compact size and simple operation will fit seamlessly into high production log processing lines.

Ideal for companies that need a large capacity, heavy-duty multi-head resaw, the HR700’s modular design makes it easy to expand from one to a maximum of six heads as their demands change. In its maximum six head configuration, the HR700 converts large cants into six boards and one slab in one pass.


The EG300 combines the functions of both an edger and a multirip into one machine. The EG300 maximises recovery from each board and increases overall productivity of your sawmill by 20-30%.



Designed to make loading the log deck with a forklift easier and more efficient. It also increases log capacity on the deck, thus minimising loading runs.

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