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With the MP180, you have all the benefits of having a jointer and planer (planer and thicknesser) in one machine to produce flat faces and squared timber, while adding a side cutter to the lower bottom table where the planer (thicknesser) is. Take your bowed or cupped rough sawn timber and produce finished square boards and mouldings.

You start by using the top table for jointing (planing) – making two adjoining sides perfectly flat and at a precise right angle to each other. Then you can use the bottom table for planing (thicknessing) the last two sides at the same time, thicknessing the board to its final dimensions, and cutting down on an additional step. Moulding knives can be inserted into the side cutter, so you can also mould profiles as well. The horizontal cutter can also be fitted with profile knives with a maximum profile of 2 mm.

By utilizing the horizontal cutter for planing (thicknessing) and the vertical side cutter to mould, you can use the machine to joint, plane and mould (thickness, plane and mould) without having to reconfigure or significantly adjust the machine.

This design allows you to produce tongue and groove boards in two passes instead of the usual six to eight passes required with standard machinery. This unique combination makes the MP180 the obvious choice for carpenters who are looking for cost efficiency, versatility and precision in one machine.

The MP180 will enable you to produce high quality furniture-grade timber and mouldings.


• 2 or 3 step process to produce 4-sided planed or moulded timber

• For producers of furniture, windows, doors, flooring, mouldings and more

• Use jointer, planer and moulder (planer, thicknesser and moulder) without any setup between modes


• Planer blades HSS 410 mm

• Planer blades HM 410 mm

• Indexable blades

• Wheel set

• Wedges for profile blades

• Extension tables


• 4-blades horizontal cutter

• Planetary gear for stepless feeding between 2-12 m/min

• Indexable blades with holder


Length x Width: 1040 mm x 720 mm

Height: 1150 mm

Weight: 275 kg (Shipping Weight - 300 kg)


Planer width 310 mm
Planer table length 1400 mm
Planer, chip thickness 8 mm
Planer fence 152 x 1100 mm
Thicknesser width 410 mm
Thicknesser height 260 mm
Thicknesser, table length 830 mm
Thicknesser, chip thickness 4 mm
Moulding height 100 mm
Moulding width 310 mm
Horizontal profile depth 2 mm
Horizontal cutter diameter 72 mm
Spindle speed 5600 rpm
Feed roller diameter 32 mm
Feed speed 5 m/min
Planetary gear for step less feeding 2-12 m/min
Spindle diameter, vertical moulder 30 mm
Tool diameter, vertical moulder 140 mm
Planer motor3 kW (4 HP), 3-phase
Vertical moulder motor2.2 kW (3 HP), 3-phase
Feeding motor0.18 kW (0.25 HP), 3-phase
Feeding motor planetary gear0.37 kW (0.5 HP), 3-phase