Wood-Mizer Tools

Wood-Mizer has debuted a new line of wood cutting blades - Wood-Mizer TOOLS. With more than 2,000 available items in stock, the product range covers just about every sawblade size and application required, and the product range is expanding all the time.

The product range is designed to cover highly specific needs of our customers, not just to supply the most popular profiles, and so we are flexible depending on your needs to prepare specific products and quotations.

Wood-Mizer TOOLS advantages


High quality German & Swedish steel tools.


Higher quality manufacturing processes deliver higher durability, and customers agree that they get better performance with Wood-Mizer TOOLS.


Very reasonable cost/performance ratio. Wood-Mizer TOOLS are usually priced a little higher than low quality alternatives, and less than premium brands.

A growing brand of wood processing blades

No matter what kind of machine you have, or what kind of wood you are cutting, you can now get all your circular blades, frame saw blades, planer knives, and wideband blades directly from Wood-Mizer! Wood-Mizer TOOLS are already being used by our customers throughout Europe, Africa, and North America. Check with your local Wood-Mizer representative to compare prices from your current supplier, and try out some Wood-Mizer TOOLS blades!